Sarah Billing

Over all my years working in fashion retail I have learnt the art of dressing for my shape whilst suiting my personal style. These lessons have helped me to shop with confidence and ease, save me money and organise my wardrobe to fit my busy lifestyle. I would really love to share my training and experience with you, to help enhance your personality and style through the clothes and colours you wear.

I have broken down the method behind picking the most suitable pieces easily and with minimum effort, because although we often have an idea of what suits us, having some guidelines, tailored to our lifestyle, colouring and shape, can make a world of difference to the ease with which we shop, from knowing what an inch less hem can do, to nudging the colour of your staple pieces a shade darker or lighter, or understanding which neckline to make a beeline for.
You probably have a few pieces in your wardrobe which you love, feel great in, and which make you feel like ‘you’, well imagine if your entire wardrobe consisted of items like these. Imagine every piece you collected worked with your body, so you could dress in comfort and style whilst reflecting your personality and suiting your lifestyle. Your time is precious, I want to help you save it, as well as money and wardrobe space, let’s minimise those shopping mistakes we all make, and keep out the pieces that will never earn a place in your heart or on your back.






Learn about your natural colouring and discover the shades that work for you. Learn more

Learn to select the most flattering style for you, your shape, and your personality. Learn more

Build on what you have learnt by working through this season’s trends. Learn more

Discover how to enhance your face shape and features with confidence. Learn more
Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes
Duration : 2 hours
Duration : 1 hour
Duration : 1 hour








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